Millions Of People Have Eyelash Mites And Don’t Know. These Are The Symptoms

According to CBS Miami reporter, Ted Scouten, who was diagnosed with eye mites, medically known as Demodex Mites, he wanted to share his story with the rest of the world in order to help others avoid this health problem. Mites on the Eyes, Really?

Scouten explains that he had never heard of eye mites before so when he was diagnosed with it. When he heard what he had, he thought ‘how gross’ and freaked out a bit. However, the doctor then explained that this is a common health issue, especially in people with pets.

Eye mites are actually microscopic parasites which are spread by people and pets and they spend most of their lives buried in our hair follicles. They grow in the natural oils which our body produces, particularly in the facial area where they crawl, eat, and reproduce.

According to optometrist Norman Herskovich from Fort Lauderdale’s Elite Family Eye Care, mites are most active when we sleep. Since they avoid light, when we go to sleep at night and close our eyes, they reproduce.

They have a 2 to 3 week cycle and eventually diet; however, there’s the offspring which will continue the line, explains Herskovich. Even though they don’t necessarily cause complications, they can trigger inflammation and irritation in the eye area.

Did Scout Manage to Treat His Eye Mites?

Scouten was advised to clean his eyelids twice per day with tea tree oil wipes and then had his eyelids cleaned at the doctor’s.

According to Herskovich, the cleaning exfoliates the debris that can clog the meibomian glands that produce a component in our tears called the oily or lipid layer.

This layer is vital from preventing premature evaporation of our tears. The procedure lasted around 20 minutes. Scouten explains he is now much more cautious with his pets and doesn’t let his cat sleep near his face.

He adds that it’s not getting rid of your pets, but increasing our awareness and washing our hands after every contact with them.

Get Regular Checkups

Herskovich explains that it’s pivotal to go to regular eye checkups in order to ensure your glands are producing oil properly and that they’re healthy. And, remember to take good care of your eyelids-never touch them with dirty hands.